Preventive Dentistry

Aloma Dental Center provides general dentistry services and regular treatment to preserve your smile and protect your health.

You know the saying: an ounce of prevention.... Preventing dental problems is the goal of any general dentist. So we provide a full range of services to keep your smile in lifelong great shape.

We recommend our patients from Oviedo, Caselberry, Seminole County, and all of greater Orlando stop by once every six months for routine dentistry, such as cleanings, dental exams, and children's care.

Our preventive dentistry care involves

  • Dental Cleanings: we remove deposits that have built up on your teeth during the time since your last visit. We also polish your teeth to brighten your shine and leave your smile shining and like-new.

  • Dental Exams: Your Oviedo dentist will check for signs of tooth decay and other damage. We will also inspect your gums for signs of periodontal disease.

  • X-rays: We perform full x-rays on our patients, to see whatever signs of decay and damage lie below the surface of the tooth or gums.

  • Periodontal Care: Where appropriate, your dentist will do scaling and deep cleaning, meant to restore and protect the health of your gums.

    New studies continue to show that chronically inflamed gum tissue can have other health repercussions, so our dentists make sure that our treatments involve a full range of strategies to protect and enhance the health of your gums.

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