Dentures and Partials

Dr. Weinert and the Cosmetic Dentistry specialists at Aloma Dental Center create custom-made dentures and partials for our Oviedo, Casselberry, Chuluota, and Seminole County patients.

Dentures have been around for thousands of years. Ancient denture solutions involved wood or other replacements, which, although terribly uncomfortable, at least helped with some of the problems caused by tooth loss.

Modern dentures are made of materials that cooperate with your mouth. They are comfortable and flexible, providing a removable tooth replacement solution.

Full dentures come with a base that mirrors the look of your mouth's soft tissue and a full row of replacement teeth. They are held in place by natural suction.

Missing teeth are not only a cosmetic issue. Teeth rely on each other for support, and missing teeth place other teeth at risk.

Partial dentures clip to the surrounding teeth and provide the strength and support that your smile needs. Our Oviedo office will prepare and set your dentures in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

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