Crowns and Bridges

Damaged teeth are more common than you might think. But our crowns and bridges can reverse that damage and restore the strength and beauty of smiles in Oviedo and greater Orlando.

When decay or damage is too extensive for a filling to repair it, a crown will likely be the best option for you. The most common uses for crowns are

  • A broken tooth,
  • Decay is extensive
  • Fillings have fractured or come out
  • You have received root canal therapy

Crowns are strong and have the appearance of natural teeth.

A bridge is like a crown, but is cemented between two teeth when a tooth is missing. Bridges rely on the two surrounding teeth for support, allowing you both functional and cosmetic repair.

With proper hygiene and maintenance, crowns and bridges can last for decades.

If you're in need of an Oviedo dentist and you are suffering from either extensive decay or problems with fillings, contact Dr. Brian Weinert and the staff at Aloma Dental Center today. We'll get your smile back on track with minimum pain and maximum comfort

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