Cavity Repair

Don't let cavities get worse. Let us reverse the damage and give strength to your smile with our dental filling treatment.

Letting cavities go untreated exposes teeth to further decay and potential pain. A filling will restore a damaged tooth back to its normal function and shape.

Composite fillings can also provide a cosmetically satisfying solution, since they look very similar to natural teeth. Your Oviedo restorative dentistry specialists at Aloma Dental Center will consult with you to decide on a treatment that is both good for your smile and easy on your wallet.

Our Oviedo office will never advise a treatment you do not need. Our priority at all times is to make you comfortable. Aggressive treatment drives people away from dentists and into further problems.

Our Oviedo office will restore your teeth and keep you relaxed at the same time.

Schedule your dental filling consultation today.